What three things has caused America to turn into the weakest country in the world? The title should be a great indicator of the answer. For too many years now the people have sat around and blamed everything on the President. You give the President way too much power, only a dictator has that much power. A dictator has the power to do what they want when they want and the people have no say in the day to day activates of government. A dictator makes the laws, a dictator makes the regulations and determines how any money will be spent, or even if it will be spent. A dictator surrounds themselves with “Yes” men and if you disagree, you are punished or killed.

So what does this have to do with America? America is not a dictatorship. Well you would be surprised to find out that in fact, we are. We have a dictator that directs the day to day activities of Government and the people’s wishes are ignored. We have a dictator that does not care what the people think, does not care how the people suffer. We have a dictator that is surrounded with “Yes” men. That dictator’s name is Nancy Pelosi.

Nancy Pelosi disregards the wishes of the American people and disregards how much the people suffer. She has informed the Democrats that are up for reelection to lie to their constituents and declare they are for drilling. http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0808/12304.html

This is the definition of a dictator and the American people have no voice in Washington any longer. If the democrats in Washington get their way; they will do what is best for them and the American people can suffer all they want. Congress as a whole is supportive of Pelosi and her hijacking of the American Government. They support the ideals that a Socialist like Nancy Pelosi brings. They want redistribution of wealth, they want total control over what you can and cannot do and they want total control over what you have and what you cannot have.

Anytime you hear someone talking about “Rich” people or the “Filthy Rich” you can rest assured that they are Socialist. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/socialism or


That is what Socialism is; the definitions have change over the last 40 years. Look in the dictionary that is over 20 years old and you will see a more accurate description of Socialism. Socialism is where the government controls and the people have no other choice but to follow and do as they are told.

The fact that Congress wants businesses to move away and jobs move away is one that cannot be ignored. America has the 2nd highest corporate tax rate in the World. I hear everyday that Profits are bad, taxes are good. Can that be anymore Socialist? NO! The Government has interfered in the free market so much that we really do not have a free market. We bail out companies that otherwise would fail, that’s not good. When a company fails it is because they made bad decisions and by bailing them out it allows them to continue to make those bad decisions over and over again.

By bailing these companies out; we do not allow room for others to move up and take their place. We do not allow the ones that make good decisions to move into the prominent spots. By blocking those spots, the free market cannot function as it should. Is this Socialist? Well, yes it is and the reason why is that Socialist want total control and you cannot totally control while there are people out there making the right decisions. You cannot bribe them if they do not need the money. That is where taxes comes into play, we tax our corporations so much that they cannot do business here and all we have left are the ones that follow the bribe money from Washington. Just like our education system does.

How do you control people? Lenin said it best “Give me four years with the children and the seed I sow cannot be uprooted”. Why do you think that our schools are in such bad shape? The teachers say the children and the children say the teachers; but in reality it began many, many years ago. With the slow integration of Socialistic principles the degradation began one thing at a time. The seed was sown then and has grown to the parents we have now. The seed that was sown has grown into the teachers and the teachers unions we have now. None of this happened overnight and it took years to accomplish. It is now in full bloom and we are at the point where we make the decisions, do you want the Government to do everything and you have nothing? Do you want your independents and individuality?

The Democrats say that the individual is a good thing, yet they group people into race, gender and sexual habits. If there is one thing I know for a fact is that the American people are a blend of everything. We came from everywhere and we are Americans; then why do the parties want to make a society of Multicultural groups? Could it be that it is easy to control by groups, because you get help from the last surviving group?

The individual is a great thing; yet the Democrats want to emphasize the differences and believe that they should be African Americans, European Americans and Asian Americans, that they should keep that culture and that leave’s no room for the culture of being an American. By focusing on the differences and not he common points, America is growing diverse and apart. We should be proud to be Americans and not worry about the other. There heritage should be strong and it should be a part, but not the majority part that the Democrats want them to be. Why is this important to the Socialist agenda?

By creating diversity and differences, you create a riff that keeps the American bond from forming and therefore makes it easy to control by groups. The major group that is being pushed on is the one that is self sufficient and able to survive without help from the government. The “Rich” is their name and the Socialist agenda has no room for them.

These people cannot be controlled, they cannot be bought and they cannot be made to follow blindly. They can be made a part of the Elite and controlling majority, but most do not want that. The socialist of America are taking control and degrading every aspect of her existence. This election is not about the President, it is about Congress and its Dictator.