Here is a letter I sent out the the radio and Television Media last night. If you agree then please send your opinion on to all of the media, this has to stop.

I have seen a lot of stunts in my day, but this has to be the best one ever. With the democrats gone and the republicans in the dark, the house has not been this well off since Pelosi took over. I have on my webpage videos of what the Democrats in Congress want and have tried to get over on the American people. ,

But the Republicans doing this really show’s that her House is not in order. Nancy Pelosi wants a Socialist government and she is willing to put the American people aside to achieve her goals. She should be put on trial for treason, for attempting to disrupt the American economy during a time of war.

This is a time that America really needs leadership and Nancy Pelosi sits in the third highest office of the land. For her to prevent the House from bringing a bill to the floor in a time of war is reprehensible to say the least. Then to top it all off, she cuts the lights off and fly’s in her private taxpayer funded jet across this great land to California. How much precious fuel does she use every month?

Maybe we should cut her off from being able to use this jet. Just think how much it cost to fuel her jet, according to Barack Obama, we could save as much fuel as Anwr and the continental shelf combined by simply having a tune-up and making sure our tires have adequate air. After all, if Barack Obama believes that by adding air to your tires saves that much in oil; just think how much we could save by cutting Pelosi’s jet usage off.

This is just a thought, keep up the great work and maybe this time next year we will have gas at $2.90 a gallon instead of $4.00 a gallon.