July 31, 2008

Well, Congress has put in way to much time and now they need a break. That’s right, congress is taking a vacation, for 5 weeks. They make $169,300 a year and take more breaks than teachers get. They make more money than the teachers that educate your children. Has congress worked that hard to deserve a 5 week vacation? It is rumored that they might allow drilling for our oil before they adjourn; but are they really going to do that?

Has congress worked hard for you? Have they made your life any easier? When President Bush withdrew the executive order that banned offshore drilling; oil prices began to drop. Could just the mention of congress allowing drilling create the same, or even larger results? Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who by the way makes $217,400 a year as the speaker, might actually allow legislation to go to the floor. Until now, she has not allowed any arguments for drilling to reach the floor of the House of Representatives.

Nancy Pelosi has stalled all attempts to bring any kind of vote and from what she has said, she will not allow any vote. If they leave tomorrow, it will be 6 or more weeks before they could even think about bringing anything to the floor for discussion.

I hope they have a nice time flying across the country in their private jets and spending their time on the beaches of exotic places. They have earned it; after all they did work so hard at making sure that we, the peasants, have as hard of a time as possible.

Enjoy your vacations congress, hopefully we will not have to pay you for your next. I hope this time next year, all of you will be gone and we will have someone who will actually do the work of the people and not the work of, what ever it is you people in congress call what you are doing.

Don’t get too much sun; it is bad for your skin.