What a lot of people do not understand is that the Speculations Market is driven by Future Supply and Demand!!! If we announced today that we are going to open Anwr, oil prices would take a dive within just a few days!!! Getting that oil would buy us time to develop other forms of energy!!! But all Congress wants to do is to Socialize the Oil Companies and take control under the guise that it is their fault and only their fault!!! OPEC has said that they are not going to increase supply and the consumers are not reducing demand, so that is what drives the prices up!!! I believe that the time has come to open the doors for another Party, The Libertarian Party!!!! They are the only ones that want what we want, cheaper energy and more responsibility in Washington!!! The other candidates just want to keep things as they are, or Socialize America and take total control over your life!!! That is if they have not already!!!