It has finally come to light what the Democrats really want!! ===

The truth finally comes out and it is something I have known for a long time, you have too. The Democrats want to socialize everything and raise taxes beyond our ability to pay. Can we take America back or do we just let them have it? I for one will do what it takes to take America back from the Socialist and help restore our freedoms and liberty that they are working so hard to destroy.

These are the things that we should be focused on, but the Socialist in Washington wants you to work for them, instead of them working for you. Does Nancy Pelosi have a plan to help America with her oil problem, NO! Does Howard Dean have a plan to help America with her oil problem, NO! Does Barack Obama have a plan to help America with her oil problem, NO! All they want to do is raise taxes on you, raise taxes on businesses; which will raise prices and cost you more. They want to tax your retirement accounts, they want to ban looking for new oil supplies and they want you totally under their control and you will do what they want or you will be taxed again.

Why do we let them?

Why are we still arguing over who to blame? The oil companies are in it to make money and that is the way it should be. The Socialist in Washington have put into motion a frenzy to call anyone who makes money, Selfish, Filthy and Greedy. The last time I checked, a business was in business to make money, not to give something away. This is nothing more than Socialism 101 and that is all this is!

Do you want to live in a Socialist world? Like Russia or China? I don’t, but when you go to the polls in November, if you keep the Socialist Democrats in office, you will be voting for a Socialist America. Higher taxes, less oil (higher gas prices) and more racism and hatred than you can imagine.

The Democrats in Washington follow these rules, they take away your individuality, they take away your willingness to make money, they take away your ability for a good education and they take away your rights of free speech.

It happens slowly at first and then the total takeover of your rights and our constitution. They will not defend our boarders, they want illegals to have “Fast Track” and they want you to learn Spanish, you will need to because that will be the official language of the “North American Union”.

Is this really what you want? Why do we let them?


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