Can someone show me where in the Constitution that "you have the right to NOT be offended"???????

This story comes from and is a prime example of the attack on our society.


"Food Coloring

A Dallas County, Texas, official is calling the terms black hole, angel food cake and devil’s food cake racist.

Monday’s county commissioners meeting about traffic tickets turned into a tense debate when Commissioner Kenneth Mayfield — who is white — said, "It sounds like central collections has become a black hole."

Mayfield said his comments were to be taken in the scientific context. But one African-American official at the meeting demanded an apology. And commissioner John Wiley Price, who is black, said the language was unacceptable, and that, "If it’s angel food cake it’s white. If it’s devil’s food cake it’s black. If you’re the black sheep of the family then you gotta be bad. White sheep you’re okay."

Mayfield told FOX News today, "In no way will I apologize for this ridiculous hyper-sensitivity. Anyone who is offended by the term black hole needs serious psychiatric treatment."