I have taken a close look at Barack Obama’s plans for America and to be honest, I had a real hard time reading it. From top to bottom what I read was pure socialism at its worst.

1) Obama wants to regulate lobbyist.

I do not have a problem with regulating lobbyists, the problem I have is that lobbyist’s should just go away and the practice should be banned and made illegal.

2) Obama’s healthcare plan is nothing more than “Socialized Medicine”.

He wants to provide healthcare to everyone; who is going to pay for that?

He wants to regulate the providers, which will go over real well with the doctors

Every child will be required to have health coverage, by Law

You will receive a tax credit for your Socialized Healthcare cost.

More insurance reform, if I remember correctly.

This is what created this Problem in the first place!

He wants to supply subsidies to offset the cost.

More spending of our tax dollars, where is the decreased spending?

3) Obama wants to keep the America wage earner up to par.

He wants to regularly increase the minimum wage.

That will also increase everything else with it.

He wants to convert American industries to Green.

He wants to get the Internet for everyone in America.

Is this really going to do anything for Americans?

Where is the reduction in the spending of our tax dollars?

He wants to put regulations on the Internet Service Providers.

He wants to regulate company hiring practices for permanent replacements of striking workers.

4) Obama wants to preserve Social Security by making sure it is not privatized.

Privatizing Social Security would take the ability to spend it on other things out of the question. It has been proven that when Social Security Retirement is in the hands of private companies, the results are 5 times more money and earlier collection age. Why would we want better service when the Federal Government can spend it for us? Obama just wants to keep it in Washington. Here it is, raise the maximum earnings to increase the money in Social Security. Why not just Stop Spending It!

5) Obama wants to make retirement automatic?

I guess they need more money in Washington so they can spend it.

So, I would guess that the automatic part would be like Social Security?

In all, Barack Obama’s plans so far are to force you and others to protect you

from you. Increase the regulations on insurance companies and mandate another Social Security type program; with just a different name on it.

Congress spends your tax dollars and your Social Security dollars at an alarming

rate. Congress is out of control with spending and Barack Obama’s plans are to provide even more for them to spend. How can he give the tax breaks that he is saying that he will give? Who is going to pay for it? You are!

6) I don’t want to send another generation of American children to failing

schools. I don’t want that future for my daughters. I don’t want that

future for your sons. I do not want that future for America.”

This is a quote from Barack Obama’s site, the only thing I can say about it is, “Get the Federal Government out of our Schools”. That would end that problem quickly. Barack Obama believes that there is not enough Money thrown at the problem. I believe that there is too much thrown at it and we just need to get the poor teachers out of the system.

Oh by the way, when did it become the Federal Governments responsibility to control your child’s school?

7) Barack Obama believes that oil is bad for the environment and cleaner energy must be

used. He is willing to spend Billions of your tax dollars for cleaner energies, but not

one dime to increase oil drilling here at home.

8) Undocumented Immigrants, right there stopped me in my tracks. I believe the

politicians that use this term should be put in jail for treason. They are not

undocumented immigrants, they are Illegal Immigrants that crossed our boarders and

violated our laws, just like any other criminal. Barack Obama thinks they should be

allowed to circumvent our laws and head to the front of the line.

9) Barack Obama wants to increase the welfare program called “The Earned Income Tax

Credit”. He wants more Government redistribution of wealth, More Socialization of


10) Barack Obama wants the minimum wage to be a living wage.

I am sorry but that is elementary and everyone should understand that the

minimum wage cannot move up to a living wage or everything else will rise above it. Most wages are based on the minimum wage and to keep increasing that

will increase all other wages and the cost of everything will rise. All this will do is increase everything across the board in proportion to the increase.

In conclusion of what I have read about Barack Obama’s plans, Lenin could not be more proud. A true Socialist plan that puts the burden on the taxpayers and raises the cost of doing business through the roof. Dictators would love this plan, which might be why most of our enemies want him to be President. That kind of opens another can of worms; why do our enemies want Barack Obama to be our President? Think about that one for a while.