Barack Obama seems to be very liberal when it come to spending your “Social Security” funds (S. Con. Res 70); the funds that you are depending on to help with your retirement. Well, have you ever wondered why our Social Security is in such bad shape? It was a Democrat (Al Gore, with a tie breaking vote as the President of the Senate) that put a tax on your Social Security check and it was a Democrat (President Lyndon Johnson) that put the social security fund into the “General Fund”. That gave Congress a blank check to steal your money and you can not do anything about it. Barack Obama is just like the other liberal Democrats that put the spending of your tax dollars before what is good for you and me. Barack Obama has voted to grant Illegal’s amnesty if the immigrant was here over a certain length of time (S 2205). This also allows them to be eligible for student loans and federal work study programs. Those student loans can help some American, but Congress and Barack Obama want to let someone, who could not care less about our laws, have that chance for an education. I mean, Americans don’t need our tax dollars spent on Americans, do we?