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With the election coming up soon, we are faced with difficult challenges about the direction of America. John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama are not what I would call “Good Choices”. But are they actually going to help the American people or themselves? All of these candidates come from Congress and from the past history of their voting records; do they seem to be interested in us or them?

Barrack Obama’s record: is not impressive at all. As a matter of fact, he has managed to avoid the most important votes of his term in office as an Illinois Senator. I do not even know what he stands for; he is an excellent speaker with the uncanny knack of being able to speak for an hour and say nothing. I know he wants to raise taxes on everyone to pay for “Universal Healthcare”, which it nothing more than “Socialized Medicine”. We all know that when the consumer does not hold authority, quality goes down. That is what we call a monopoly and they are never good for the consumer. He also wants a “Windfall Profits” tax; those profits that he speaks of are your 401K’s, IRA’s and most Mutual Funds; he basically wants to tax your retirement. What else does he want to do? I am almost afraid to ask.

Now we come to Hillary Clinton; she made a name for herself in the White House when Bill Clinton was President. The Rose Law Firm billing records scandal

was the best representation of her character and inability to tell the truth. During Bill Clinton’s administration, Hillary Clinton tried to take 20% of the GNP and put it into the hands of the U.S. Government, sound familiar? “Universal Healthcare” again; except with her plan it would be a crime to pay your own way. It was mandatory that everyone enroll in this plan, . Could this even be something more than “Socialism”? I have seen Hillary Clinton’s plans and the direction she wants America to go, it is a “Socialist America” with the “Elite” in government in total control over “YOUR” life. Look at Hillary Clinton’s voting record and see for yourself, . I do not see anything that she has done that qualifies a Free America.

We want to control our destiny, right? We want as little government interference as possible, right? Well, John McCain is not even in that ball park either. He has a very impressive record; he has served America with distinction and with honor. Yet, he leans towards the liberal side of most issues and votes with the democrats a lot more than republicans, . Granted out of the three, John McCain’s record plainly shows that he is the best qualified to be President. But would he be “Good” for America? That question remains to be seen. We will know when the general election begins and he faces the democrat nominee, which will be decided by “Super Delegates”.

Super Delegates are the Elite of the Democratic Party, they are the proverbial “Kings and Queens” of the Democratic Party and they can override thousands of citizens with one vote. That sounds like the system that got “Hitler” elected and it is. I believe that they designed the Democratic Primary after a “Communist” system. The “Elite” have more power than a thousand citizens of these United States. The Democratic Party basically told Florida and Michigan that if they do not do as they are told; the citizens of those states voice will not be heard. Is that good for America?

All of these candidates originated from Congress; Barrack Obama, a junior Senator with LESS than one term in office. Hillary Clinton, who has been able to avoid prosecution for the Rose Law Firm papers, she is a Junior Senator from New York. She had to buy a home there just so she could run. She knew that the citizens of Arkansas would not elect her, so she moved to one of the most liberal states in America. And John McCain, a POW, a war hero and has a long list of achievements from which he can pull from. Yet, he leans to the liberal side of most issues. All these candidates come from our illustrious Senate.

This is what we have to choose from and that is that. But let’s look at where these people come from, shall we? The Congress has the lowest approval rating ever in their history. Why is that? Well it is very simple; they are the “Elite” and “Privileged” of Americans. They are not concerned with the day to day worries that we as middle class citizens do. They have only one worry, to be re-elected. They are out of touch with the “Commoners” and to them we are nothing more than a nuisance. The Congress of the United States has become a form of “Dictatorship” in which they believe they know more about how our lives should be than we do.

Take immigration for instance, they are not worried about your job. They are not worried about your pay. Look at this link and see for your self and make your own decisions in regard to whether or not they have YOUR best interest at heart. . After you see this, your blood will be boiling and you might want to get a nice cold glass of water to cool you down. But wait, there is more and you might want to get that water in a large pitcher to pour over your head to keep from blowing a gasket, . Could this be all?

Not by a mile, Congress and other agencies of our government “WANT” illegal immigration, . Well now, are you hot yet? I know I am, but that’s the end of the story isn’t it? Not quite, . Now you’re just a little warm, aren’t you? Well that is just the beginning of the story. Your children will have to deal with what this Congress does today, . Are you beginning to understand what my topic is today? Well if you still have doubt, . It is not just our government that want to give special treatment to illegal immigrants, . How about that?

Now I know that some of this is a surprise to you and that is a shame. You should know what our government is up to; why don’t you? Could it be that the media does not want you to know? I very seldom hear these things mentioned and when they are it is just once and then the story is closed and nothing more is said. How do you take over a country and keep yourself in power? Lenin has these answers, these quotes are powerful and if you look at them you will see something that is very upsetting.

Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.
— Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the bourgeoisie.
— Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

"The press should be not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses"

This one bothers me the most; it shows just why our Federal Government has taken over the school system with bribe money. Is there any wonder why our schools are at the bottom of the “World” schools?

Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.
— Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

This is just one example of what our Congress and Federal Government have in store for our children. Here in Georgia, the Georgia Board of Education just threw out the standardized test scores because they were too low. Yep, if the grade is too hard, lower the standards! That is why we are loosing jobs to overseas countries, that and taxes.

Our children deserve to have a good education and by letting the Federal Government dictate to the states what they should do, only will lead to disaster. Between the Federal Government and the “Teachers Union”, our children do not stand a chance. Now I am not saying that all teachers are bad or all policies are bad; what I am saying is that our children should have a better education than most other countries in the world, but they don’t. Get your popcorn ready for this one, it is long and it might make you ill. . Have you gotten back from the bathroom yet? Maybe I should not have told you to eat before watching that one.

The education system is not all that our children have to deal with from our Illustrious Congress, oil and fuel prices will far outlast our lifetime. Congress has just denied President Bush’s request to open Anwr Alaska for oil drilling. . There is enough oil in Alaska and off the coast of Florida to ease our burden while we endeavor to find better sources of fuels and better fuel efficient vehicles. But will they do it? Of course not; they have a detain for helping American citizens at every level. .

Just to push the point even that much further, they have put the “Polar Bear” on the “Threatened species” list effectively “Locking” Alaska up from ever drilling for oil there. . These are the things that make me wonder who Congress is working for. Who do they serve? The only way I know to save the livelihoods of our children is to clean Washington out. Give Washington an “ENEMA” so our children will have a fighting chance. Vote “No Incumbents” this next election so our children do not have to face what is inevitably their destiny with the current Congress. Some in Congress have been there for over 30 years and now Nancy Pelosi in leading the way. You should see some of the things she believes in!!!