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It is that time of year again, when we all get out and vote for the candidate that will do the least harm to America. The candidate that will actually put the breaks on Social Spending and get out of trying to run the economy. It only feels like only 95 years since income tax began. Then the elected officials worked for you; in the 1800’s the Supreme Court declared that a “Federal Income Tax” was unconstitutional and stopped it.

All well and good, our elected officials wanted more money; so they amended the Constitution with the 16th Amendment; our elected officials stated that we work for them now. The 16th Amendment gave Congress the legal right to tax you from your individual income, the power struggle began. Since then, taxes have been going up almost as fast as the spending. Our Elite Elected Entertainers in Washington have been hitting the America people hard, why? Well, Congress has decided to spend (Billions) of dollars on programs to buy (VOTES). Welfare is a household word and in some areas, it is the whole household that receives Welfare.

Our elected officials up in Washington all the way down the chain on to the local governments. What gives the Federal Government the right to dictate to states on how to control our schools? What gives the Elite in Washington the right to control our every move? These are questions that can only be answered by one word, Money.

The power that Washington has when they can make you do what they say or you get no more money; has created a driving need for tax dollars. Our tax dollars are creating monsters that will eventually wake you up at night in a cold sweat; once you realize that this is not your life any longer but actually is more like someone is herding you like cattle.

Do we want this to continue or do you want to be free of heavy taxes and government intrusion on every aspect of your life? We must “Take Back Washington”, I hear that at almost every Federal election and who is saying this? The ones that are “Already” in Washington; the worst of the worst is that, the American people believe it. The American people would believe anything they hear if they hear it enough. Every election time, the “Economy” is the issue (or is it just what the politicians want you to think?)

They use many tools to tap into your thought processes, The News is the biggest brainwasher, they will say the same things, same words and same emotions over and over again until the American people believe it. It is scripted and meant to “Brand” your will on others.

But the American People will believe anything, if they hear it enough. Before you go to the voting booth, look past what the media tells you and find what they don’t. The News media has become a tool to shape America to what ever they want. TV is now the lifestyle of the young, who better to control the future than to control the children. That has been a tactic of Socialism for as long as socialist governments have been around.

You may say that I am a conspiracy nut; no, I am just an America that sees how they do it. Through the News Media! They are the ones that send the message to you; they are the ones actually telling you what to think. Remember, that America is the land of the free. Don’t let the wrong person in for the wrong reason. Please remember to vote!