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The elite in Washington have decided to send you a check. I am calling for as many as we can to show them that this is not good for the country.

If you cash that check from the government elite, that is a vote for keeping things as they are. I will be sending my check to my representative in Washington! I will tell him that what America really needs it real reform. The FAIRTAX is the only real reform America needs to stop this greed mentality and the leeches of America will not stop until we make them! Washington must know that they cannot keep buying votes and destroying America! Join me in sending this message to Washington and tell them that we have had enough and change will come or they will go!

If you plan to send your check back to Washington, please forward this with the subject “YES” or “NO”. Please remember that our life here is short and what we do today affects our children of tomorrow.

Please pass this to as many as you can, something has to be done and I am going to do what I can for the betterment of America and NOT for the betterment of selfishness!

I need this money, but I need a long term solution even more. America needs help; if not now, when????