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This is sad, to think that these people only think Christmas is for buying gifts. Money and presents are not what this holiday is about and every year that is all people think about. It is sad and disheartens me to think that the real meaning of Christmas is being missed by so many people. Jesus has been replaced with Santa Clause and that is what our children are being taught, Very sad.

I remember when I was a child that my grandfather would always make sure we understood the real meaning of Christmas. Jesus was born in a barn and given to him was our sin. He loved and lived as a Jew and though him, we can live with God. He had little on Earth, but has so much at the right hand of God. He died for us so we can live with him. With all of that, why do so many ignore him? Why does the simple mention of his name cause so many to react in violence, hatred and disdain?

The reason why is, because there are two worlds, Earth and Heaven. Those who choose Earth want what feels good now and they do not consider anything else. Those who believe and know want what comes after this world and believe me, there is a lot more after than during.

Jesus lived and died for us, so we can know the true love of God. He gave us free will and if by knowing him we still live for this world, we die in this world. God has given the most important thing one can give for us, his own blood. We are on the edge and he wants to be close to us and us to him. He created everything; yet, some do not give him credit for it. They say we are here by chance; they want us to believe that we are nothing more than animals and we are an accident.

I know what it would take for us to just happen without divine intervention. God loves us and he wants us to be with him, give him a chance and you too will see that with Gods love and the love of Jesus, we can be once again with him.

Christmas is a time to remember all of the good and to pass along the Gospel of our savior. Without him, we are nothing but animals but with him we are precious jewels to shine with his glory. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and may God continue to bless you as you celebrate this glorious time of year.