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I thing I have found out what it means to be a liberal. Being a liberal is only caring about yourself and using others to fulfill your goals. To make someone else do the work for you and to believe that you actually know what is going on. To follow blindly and not put forth the effort to follow your own dream. A liberal is in fact someone who listens only to others who know less than they do. I have heard the term,” dumb down America “and it has taken such a hold that the ones that led this could not have possibly imagined a success as large as this. I have lost hope in America and am ready to face what fate comes her way. Our society has become stagnant and our government corrupt. We can only hope that God will find it in his heart to give us another chance.

Liberals will through everything away for a piece of nothing. They will work harder not to have to work at all. They will leave it up to the one that can give them the most from someone else. We as a nation cannot exist with freeloader and bigots making the decisions and we will not do anything about it because of political correctness. We have one last chance and I see that too failing, one can only take from others so long.

The free economic system can only survive as long as the market is free to adjust; liberals refuse to allow this to happen naturally. Therefore, the markets will never balance out. With out this, socialism is inevitable.