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I have been watching the news lately and disheartened by what I hear. I have heard that violence is not something to be ashamed of and that it is okay for six people to jump on one. Those six boys in Jena used the race card to get out of serious trouble. On BET Television, I saw two of these boys being honored. This really unnerved me, to think that someone could do what these boys did and then be honored and made famous for the violence that they produced. I could never understand this, I was brought up in a world were violent was appalled. I was brought up to believe that each person has a responsibility to protect one another and to perform to the best of their ability. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have gotten rich on the backs of the people that they claim to serve. They live to create racism and bigotry to further their cause. They do not want all men to be created equal, which would put them out of the job. Racial tensions must continue for these people to make money. That is all that they are worried about is money and power. The NAACP falls in this category is well; the people that run these organizations live off racial tensions. People that make a living on other people’s problems never want it to end; they would be out of a job!

We can never expect our society to get over the past and move forward until these people are shown for what they really are. Race mongers, that is it. They live on hate and mistrust and if they have their way, we will never have real peace.

There have been many cases lately here in Georgia, where a noose has been put up. Not because of hate but because of Halloween. The NAACP was called and a man that put one up was fired from his job, the NAACP did not want an apology, they did not want anything else but for the man to be fired from his job. Intolerance only applies to whites in this country, we as Americans should stand up to these cowards and stop this before it is too late. Al Sharpton wants to have a march against the Justice Department for not enforcing “ Hate Crimes “, what is a hate crime? I will tell you, it is a crime that a white man comments when he does something to a black man. It only applies to whites and that is racism in and of itself.

We have better thing to do with our time than to worry about what a white man is thinking when he does something! Get over it, no one in America today has ever owned a slave and you never have been one! We are at war and the terrorist will use every means to destroy us, even use our internal problems against us. I think that we should not be so worried about what the white man is doing wrong, from what I hear we do everything wrong. We should be worried about Islamic terrorist, they want to kill us and that is the bottom line. The terrorist will win if we cannot stop fighting among ourselves and focus on the real problem America faces. I make a call to all that read this, forget bigotry and racism in this country and focus on the ones that want to destroy this country. Muslim terrorist want all of us dead and remember this “ Together we stand, Divided we fall “. Think about that for a while and let us get to work on the real problems we face.

America is not an entitlement country, you work for what you get and anyone who thinks that they are owed something is the problem. You are owed only one thing, the right to peruse happiness. You do not have a right to achieve it! Get over your petty problems and get back to America’s problems. If not, we all will suffer!