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I was reading the news today and found a story about an Atlanta woman who worked for the Dept. of Family and Children’s services. She was charged with cruelty to children by spanking her child. The story said that she hit the 8 year old child with a leather belt about 34 times. (

This society today has the right to tell a parent what to do and how to raise their children. The government school system has the right to teach morality and sex to your child and you have no rights at all. We have let the government raise our children in to animals and I for one see this as a final nail in the coffin.

I do not have any children, but I do know that without rules and punishment children are like animals. We are born with the condition that causes us to do what we want to and without rules and punishment we would do anything including kill, steal, lie and cheat to get what we want. Punishment is one reason our children are out of control and the other reason is that we leave it up to the government to educate and teach morality when we should be the only ones to teach morality to our children. When the people have no control over their own family the family dies. When the people have no family the people only will care for themselves and not for others. Society dies.

I see the public school system as a way for the political parties to gain votes of the dumb masses and to maintain their power over us. Please people, teach your children between good and bad and teach them the things families are suppose to teach.

Don’t just send your children to the government and think that they are learning what they need to succeed. They are not.

It is the parent’s job and duty to provide the best for their children and it is the government’s job to maintain control. The school system is in poor shape today and your children are going down with it. Don’t let this happen to them, they deserve the chance to succeed and you are their only chance. Search the Internet and compare schools in other countries to ours and you will see that unless something changes we will be a third world nation in just a few decades.

Don’t let this happen, look for yourself. Don’t be lazy get out there and see what is going on. Your child deserves better and America deserves better.