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I just can not stand it, with all of the political rants and lies going on I just can not help myself. I am now changing my boring blog into a political blog. I hear Rush Limbaugh all of the time and I believe him to be an honest man. I know some of you do not like him but that does not make him a liar. His comment about want to be military is true and the political left want as much bad publicity as possible on the right and the military and the President. I can not say anything that will change the way the left feel, yet I can expose it to as many people as I can. I am going to write as many articles as I can about this and many more subjects.

I believe that what President Bush is doing is what he and many of his cabinet think is good for this country. The form of government we have is a representative republic, which means that we elect representatives to elect representatives to office to represent us. I hope you could follow that, because you can not please all the people all of the time and in politics it is even harder to please. We were attacked on 9/11 and that was not the first time. The U.S.S Cole, 1983 Beirut barracks attack and if you really want to see how long we have been under attack click on this link and see.

It was not just a one time event; we have been at war with Muslims for many decades. We just know have been attacked on our own soil and Bush knows that if we let up it will be a matter of time before we get hit again here. I will write more about Muslims and what they want later but for now let’s just analyze the political war in our own government. I know a lot of you will argue with me on this and I am happy to hear from you; that is what makes America great. We can say almost anything about our government and they can not do anything about it. I do not know about any of you reading this but I do not want Bush’s job and I do not think any of you would either.

The left has wanted Bush to fail every since he was elected into office, everything that he does is wrong and everything they want is right. However, I believe that the left in the fight want Bush to loose so badly that they are clouding their judgment. I hear Hillary Clinton saying that she would not have voted to fund the war if she knew Bush would use it. I do not know a whole lot about Hillary Clinton but I do know that she was saying the same thing that Bush was until the far left stopped her. If we elect someone that wants to run and hide from Islamic terrorist then get your Quran and start reading. I do not think you will like what you see. Islam is based on taking over everything and converting or killing the non-believers. If you do not believe me then read it for yourself.

I am not a politician and therefore I can speak without having to bow to pressures from any other party. I will write more this week and I hope someone will read this and give feedback. America is great and so are her people and I do not want to see her fall because of political baseball.